Explore Corensis' features

Corensis, the new generation telehealth solution, offers an easy-to-use experience that allows you to complete your vital measurements unattended and without needing help of healthcare professionals.

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Behind the technology


The new generation health platform, which minimizes human error by standardizing and shortening the measurement duration and reduces the workload of healthcare professionals, enables anonymous trend analysis from medical measurements with its smart algorithms.

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Corensis® Medical Kiosk received four different awards for both its technology and design.

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Corensis® Medical Kiosk which fulfills medical certification requirements for clinically validated intake of critical health parameters, is approved and certified.

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Areas of Use

of Use


Patients can register, provide information about their medical history and symptoms, and have basic measurements before their doctor appointments with Corensis's image processing technology. Doctors can instatntly access customised patient reports created by smart algorithms and this provides a more efficient examination.

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Corensis makes health service easily accessible and enables healthcare professionals to make regular health checks by monitoring basic medical data of employees remotely in order to prevent absenteeism and low productivity due to health problems.

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Emergency Services

Corensis, with its special triage algorithm, reduces the workload and increases the efficiency at the emergency services where the patient population is high but healthcare professionals fall short by minimizing the contact between them.

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Wellness Centers

Corensis provides remote monitoring of health data, allowing users to make regular health checks, create preventive health awareness and analyze risks.

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Corensis's infrastructure enables healthcare services such as online doctor appointments to be accessible from anywhere, which helps to carry out regular health checks and increase health literacy.

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